A Week in Review

June 24, 2011

What a whirlwind of emotions! Our recent apartment search has been a stress I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy.  A whirlwind of tornadic-force winds capable of foiling all my plans for modern conveniences and aesthetic delights. Our final decision, however, was not based on aesthetics, kitty satisfaction, the number of south-facing windows, or the amount of growing space for herbs, (believe it or not,) but rather the confines of our budget and the flexibility of our lease. Ya know,….things grown-ups prioritize.

(I would especially like to thank my sweet friend Esther Howe for her wise counsel during my most manic hour. I like her a lot. She is the wife of this guy. My pastor and friend.)

(I would also especially, especially like to thank my mother for answering the phone every 10 minutes and for her counsel and prayers. I do loooooove my Mom.)

Here is a photo of the exterior. Note the color. It’s an honest aquamarine.

I might put a bird-feeder in that tiny street tree.

The new apartment is a bit on the dreary side because the walls are a taupe or a dark beige color. We plan to paint all the walls white, because I happen to be highly allergic to beige. My parents have always said the same thing. It must be genetic.

The house is located on the south-eastern edge of the Smith Hill neighborhood. It is only a 5 minute walk to Providence’s beautiful State House, a 15 minute walk to my new art studio, and a 15 minute walk to the nearest Whole Foods (win, win,….win!)

The capital grounds are quite idyllic and will prove to be valuable green space on sunny days that require lying in the sun on a blanket.  Also, two huge, terraced lawns on the west side of the capital might necessitate a game of croquet.

These are my friends. We play croquet.

Lately at the workplace, I’ve been working on terrariums and succulent gardens.

For example…

THE most amazing inspiration for everything terrarium comes from Artemisia Nursery and Gallery. A Portland, OR based company. View their blog here. There online store here. And their book here.

Our veggie garden has gone through quite the evolution lately. We have more kale and lettuce than any two individuals can safely consume and I LOVE it!

I also have some flowers in my backyard that are currently bringing me joy.

Clematis vine and Diamond Frost Euphorbia

Inspiration this week came from my dear friend Emily Wingfield.

She is a textile designer and artist. Her knowledge of the field is helping me get my designs industry-ready. She also introduced me to an online company called SpoonFlower that prints designs on fabric; (brilliant!) I just sent off for the fabric sample booklet; (excited!) I plan to print some of my textile designs on fabric so that I can send them to potential buyers, like….Anthropologie ;) View some of my patterns here.